SEEMORE evaluation results available   SEEMORE evaluation results available
The SEEMORE partners have carefully evaluated the local implementation actions and the exchange activities with transfer regions. The evaluation report contains the conclusions from evaluation on project level but also presents results from each of the implementation regions.

The detailed evaluation report describes the evaluation methodology and presents the results from different evaluation tasks. The impact evaluation compares the before and after situation for a set of performance indicators. In the implementation regions the impact evaluation, based on interviews among tourist and specific indicators like the evolution of public transport tickets sales. The impact of the transfer actions was evaluated through a questionnaire that was send to representatives from other tourist regions several months after their participation in a SEEMORE transfer event. The evaluation report also describes the conclusions from the process evaluation and provides an estimation of future impacts on the IEE Common Performance Indicators linked to CO2 emissions and primary energy us.

June 2015

Contact: Doris Wiederwald
SEEMORE evaluation report

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