State of the art - best practices around Europe

A comprehensive overview of the state of the art in the field of leisure travel and sustainable transport in tourism regions has been carried out. The outcome of this task is a report containing best practices around Europe, paying special attention in successful factors and lessons learnt.

ELTIS_BTT_Picture.jpg   Mountain bike network promotes sustainable mobility in Galicia, Spain
In December 2010, Turgalicia, an association promoting tourism in Galicia, launched the BTT project to create a network of mountain bike routes and service centres in the region of Galicia as a new tourist product. The network now has ten routes, of around 118 kilometres in length.
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Stockholm established a public bike hire scheme in 2006 for its residents and visitors.
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The initiative aims to encourage tourists to use public transport in Copenhagen through a card that provides unlimited public transport travel and admission to number of tourist attractions.
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The initiative aimed to encourage residents and visitors of Vilnius to cycle or walk to the numerous recreational, cultural or natural interest sites in and around Vilnius.
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ELTIS_Picture_3816.jpg   eGIStour system in the Basque Country (Spain)
The eGIStour system represents a new method to measure, model and monitor flows of visitors in urban destinations and has been carried out in conjunction with Basque Tourism Agency. It ran between 2009-2011 and is still developing in different parts of the Basque Country. eGIStour is part of a wider project called TouristTEK, which was funded by the ETORTEK programme of the Basque Government.
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